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Sara & Shannon | Our Holiday Meet-up! 


Sara from Sweden found Shannon from Ireland on after they both had signed up to the site. We offered to bring them together in Ireland’s capital city Dublin for one of our special doppelgänger meet-ups. Watch Sara and Shannon come face-to-face for the first time in what they call an 'unforgettable experience'. 

Twin Strangers exist!


So many amazing matches have been made on our website. We're talking doppelganger pairs from the Faroe Islands and the USA, Russia and Italy and everywhere inbetween! Take a look at some of the incredible pairs who have found each other right here on


Niamh meets her THIRD doppelganger! 

Niamh's third Twin Stranger Irene is another incredible lookalike for the doppelganger hunter. Irene’s actual sister Aoife was blown away by the resemblance commenting to Irene, “It’s uncanny. You actually look more like Niamh than your own sister!” They say that there are 7 people that look like you in the world, in just 6 months Niamh's now discovered three and isn't about to stop searching until she finds them all!


If you know anyone that looks like Niamh please get in touch.



Ciara and Cordelia met at University in Germany!

Ciara (20) from Ireland went to Bremen, Germany on a college exchange for a year. When she got over there she knew nobody and was completely alone. On her first day in class she met a woman called Cordelia (20) from the UK. People began asking were they related and eventually their classmates were calling them twins! One night they decided to take a photo and post it on Facebook asking their friends do they look alike. The result was incredible! Hundreds of people agreed that they were Twin Strangers.


They both still live in Bremen and are still really good friends! 



Ambra and Jennifer are our first US meetup!

Ambra and Jennifer found each other within 5 minutes of signing up to Twin Strangers. After that we got in touch with them and asked would they like an all-expenses paied meetup, they agreed! Their story has been shared on major news sites around the world. Jennifer's mother and fiancé were amazed by how alike they were! 



Niamh meets Luisa in Italy!


Niamh met her second lookalike Luisa in Genoa, Italy. Luisa got in touch after all her friends told her how similar she looked to Niamh. The pair turned out to be a really close match but what was even stranger for Niamh was how similar they were as people in personality, movements and facial expressions etc. Take a look!


Karen was Niamh's first doppelganger!

Niamh Geaney found her first doppelganger – someone who looks exactly like her after just two weeks of searching for her 'Twin Stranger’ online. It came after three friends challenged each other to find their ‘Twin Strangers’, anywhere in the world, in just 28 days.


Niamh Geaney (26), from Kerry, and her friends Terence Manzanga (22) and Harry English (21), both from Meath, used social media to share their quest. Within a week, they had hundreds of submissions from all over the globe. The US, Australia, Israel and India were just some places but Niamh’s 'Twin Stranger’ was a lot closer than expected. Karen Branigan, who lives just north of Dublin, got in touch after she heard an appeal on the radio. Niamh met her to compare their looks and was amazed at the similarities. “Karen probably looks more like me than my sisters do. I started to get ridiculously nervous wondering how I would react to meeting someone that looks like me. For the entire duration of our encounter, I pretty much stared at her.”